J Pressure

Album: Forever Mackin (2013)

Song: Forever Mackin

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Bronx native and son to a single mother, Jimmy "J
Pressure" Bobbitt embarked on a life changing journey into the
culturally influential world of Hip Hop. His entry into the rap game
does not differ from most reputable artists, as he fashioned his
musical style after true legends. Studying the likes of great lyricists
while infusing his own style and realism allowed J Pressure to
develop the fundamental skills necessary to garner the respect of
Hip Hop aficionados.

Starting in junior high, he would find himself rapping
in the school halls with his fellow peers; embedding into him
showmanship, wit, flow, and most of all a songwriting ability that
many lacked; which in then gave him the willingness to grow
within his craft. As many true artists do, J Pressure diversified his
artistry when he landed a supporting roll in the 2000 American
drama film "Finding Forrester", Starring Sean Connery, Rob Brown
and directed by Gus Van Sant. It was then that J Pressure decided
to take his musical ability to the next level. J Pressure perfected
his storytelling abilities and song composition skills while
remaining true to who he was, where he was from, and what he
encountered daily; a trait that is hard to find in mainstream Hip
Hop at times.

With Hip Hop as his platform, he uses music as his "Soap
Box" where he can stand up and speak his mind while others
listen attentively. J Pressure brings an amazing cadence to each
track that is remarkable, coupled with a powerful voice, and
seasoned with a clear and concise delivery that pierces the
senses. He leads the next generation of Hip Hop artist which
brings hope to the future of music. J Pressure is a breath of fresh
air meant to be inhaled mentally and exhaled in a celebratory
fashion. Continue on with J Pressure through his journey through
life as he canvases a vivid picture of life, uncensored, and
depicting what it has to offer on both ends.